How clean will sanding get my floor?

That depends on how much wear your floor has endured over the years. Pets, plants, radiator leaks, stains, and razor cuts fron rugs ate a few scenerios that determine the outcome, Only after sanding can Sullivan determine whether the damage can be reversed If damage cannot be removed, replacing the wood may be necessary. Sullivan Floors cannot guarantee exact matching. Some custom floors may require special order of material.

How durable are waterbone finishes?

The best of the waterbone finishes are as durable as the best of the oil-based finishes.

Will waterbone finishes look the same as oil-based finishes

No, waterbone finishes have more of an opaque look Natural finishes appear lighter when coated with a waterbone finish

Are oil-base finishes toxic?

Oil-base fumes are toxic to people, pets, and plants until the finish has dried and the home has been aired out This is a professional product and must be handled and applied using the proper safety equipment Homeowners will have to be out of the house for 2-5 days.

Are waterbone fumes toxic?

No. However, it may be harmful to the applier Proper respirators and appropriate safety equipment is required during the application.

CURING AND DRYING TIME: When can we walk on the floor after coated with an oil-base finish?

You may walk on the floor usually after 24-48 hours Drying time is affected by temperature and humidity, sometimes it may take even longer to dry.

Do Sullivan Wood Floors level the sub-floor?

No. Once the sub-floor is given to use, it is assumed to be acceptable by the owner. Sullivan’s technical staff can advise on any sub-floor questions.

How durable are oil-base finishes?

The best of the oil-base finishes are as durable as the best of the waterbone finishes.

How long does the floor take to cure?

As the finish cures-it gets harder: In 3 days the finish will be 50% cured In 2 weeks the finish will be 90% cured in 30 days teh finish will be 100% cured.

How long will the sanding take?

Our crew will sand and seal 400-600 sq ft per day on average. This footage may vary due to job site conditions.

How many coats are applied?

Usually 2-4 thin coats of finish are required for a durable finish.

How many coats are required?

Usually 2 coats are sufficient, but 3 may be required in high traffic area (kitchen, steps, dining room, hallways) for a durable finish.

If we are going out of town during the job, what should we do?

Make sure Sullivan Wood Floors has a key or make arrangements to let them in. Leave a telephone number where you can be reached or a contact person for emergencies or to make decisions. Also, times are aproximate, we may be delayed. A 2 hour window is required.

OIL BASE FINISHES: What are oil-base finishes?

Oil-base finish contains higher concentrations of resins which lead to a thicker consistency than water-base finishes.

Sanding: What should we do before the sanding crew arrives?

Observe all dust protection measures as out-lined in the Dust Protection section. Turn off or disconnect all household detectors (fire, vapor, etc) and advise of any alarm systems. The crew leader will need 220 volt power supply for the floor sander. We will need to connect to your electrical panel.

Seasonal Cracks: Why are there cracks in my floor?

Wood is a natural product that continues to expand and contract throughout its life. Small, uniform cracks between boards are the result. This is usually a seasonal condition, with cracks appearing in the winter and disapearing in the summer Cracks wider than 1/8″ may indicate a more serious problem. Please contact Sullivan in this event. Your home may be too dry.

WATERBONE FINISHES: What are waterbone finishes?

Professional waterbone finishes contain acrylic and/or urethane particles suspended in water As a thin film is applied to the floor, the water evaporates as the particles settle. A cross-linker added to the finish causes the particles to fuse together.

What can a homeowner use to fill small holes or cracks?

A soft colored putty is a good temporary fix and often permenant for small holes. It is available in hardware and paint stores.

What can we do to minimize the number and size of cracks?

It is the change in interior humidity that causes most expansion and contraction of wood fibers. Home humidifiers or dehumidifiers can even out low or high humidity.

When can we walk on the floor after coated with waterbone finish?

After waterbase seal coat has dried 3 hours, you may walk on the floor with stocking feet After top coat has dried 6-12 hours, you may walk on the floor with care.

Will oil-base finishes look the same as waterbone finishes?

No. Oil-base finishes have more of an amber look. Natural finishes appear darker when coated with an oil-base finish.

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