Buffing & Waxing

Wood and laminate flooring needs to be regularly waxed and cleaned to ensure long life and a hygienic environment. The frequency of waxing and cleaning floors is dependent on how much foot traffic the area receives. Experts recommend most areas be cleaned and waxed every six months.

Dustless Refinishing

Dustless refinishing is a process where the existing wood flooring is cleaned using a process developed by Basic Coatings with 3 stages.
This is not to be confused with sanding and refinishing which is not dustless. Dustless refinishing does not strip or screen off your old color and finish. It simply cleans and recoats the floor with zero dust.

Install Baseboards

Also called base trim or base molding, baseboard is both attractive and functional. It can add a subtle but important final touch to a room’s style while covering the gap between the flooring and wall. It also protects the wall’s finish from vacuum cleaners, furniture scrapes and other bumps or kicks.

Laminate Installation

Also referred to as a floating floor or Pergo (the Swedish company that developed the concept), laminate flooring is a completely manufactured product that simulates the look of hardwood, tile, stone or other natural flooring materials. Laminate flooring usually has an under layer; about a half-inch composite-wood/fiber core; a print/design layer with a photograph of the desired wood grain or other natural flooring style; and a top coating of clear melamine plastic resin that resists scratching.

New Installations

The exciting part of a new installation is that you get to choose color, species and design of your new hardwood floor. A new hardwood floor helps make the room and is the most eye catching. New installations is the process of choosing a new wood floor for a new home or existing. If you want to replace an existing floor which can be carpet, granite wood etc, We will remove old floor and prepare subfloor for your new hardwood flooring.

Remove and Dispose

In order to install your beautiful new hardwood floor, the old one must be removed. We remove old flooring and dispose of with the proper waste management company. All debris and waste from our jobsite is removed and disposed of safely.

Repair of Old Wood Flooring

Virtually any wood floor can be repaired if the existing material is available. Repairs of prefinished floors are easiest if the material used origionally is available. Simply pop out the damaged boards and replace with nice clean new undamaged slats. In other cases the floor will have to be sanded and refinished to insure uniform color and sheen. Please call for an onsite inspection an estimate for this kind of situation. We will give you a competitive price and quality workmanship.

Sanding & Refinishing

Hardwood floors add stylish elegance or folksy charm to a home, depending on the type of wood, layout and condition. Refinishing to remove ground-in dirt while sanding out dents and dings can revive this highly visible portion of your interior decor.

Stains & Colors

When properly applied, stain or sealer protects the wood floors from stains, mildew and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight. A sealer is a clear product that protects against moisture; a stain is a tinted sealer that provides color.


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